#3299 – only 21

scarlett johanssen is only 21 years old?? hubba hubba zoot zoot! XD not like i’d be seeing/meeting her anytime soon, but i have to say she ranks up there on the glenn-scale of sexy ladies.

so my dentist appointment yesterday – very good! no cavities! they said my gums were slightly puffy and gave me some prescription mouthwash to use. o_o

last night i got home from work to see the family got home a day early. oh well, at least it means no having to cook for myself for a while again XD i showed mom how to use flickr, and she ended up with a pro account and put up the pictures of the camping trip, hahaha…

today i was almost late to work – i had to be at work at 8 and i woke up at 7:46. didn’t even hear my alarm go off about 30 minutes earlier. whoops! didn’t have time to take a shower, so i felt grody to the max for most of the day.

i’m waiting for my camera bag to arrive. i thought it’d show up while i was at work, but apparently not (it went on the truck for delivery at 7:30 am, though) – it’s almost like how i was on wednesday, but not as intense, haha…