#3290 – berfday cards

funny thing – i’ve recieved more birthday cards from completely random people and organizations than my family.

i was sent one from work – verizon wireless sent me one with the “annual glenn fitzpatrick day parade”.

i was sent one from modell’s (distante, was this your doing? XD) – it was a hallmark card (!) showing a little-league kid arguing with an umpire, and the kid was saying “it’s my birthday, and i get a do-over!”, with the inside saying “it’s your day, you make the rules” along with a 15% gift certificate. (i can use a baseball glove… XD)

this last one is the most random, though:

Random birthday well-wishing

so yesterday we celebrated my birthday here at home since the family was going to be away camping on my birthday. i got:

– a piratey glass and a jolly roger sticker and ANP sticker from feisty_fitz

– $100 to help me buy the camera i want to get from mom and dad

– a bobble-ankle doll from anne

i should have bought the digital rebel camera a few days ago when i first got paid – the camera is $999, and dell was selling it for $999 but using two coupons (one for 15% and another for $60) it dropped down to $785! unfortunately the 15% off coupon expired july 30th. 😛

today at work i showed up at 1 for my shift, helped one guy who wanted to yell at me when i kept trying to explain to him how i was going to get his problem taken care of. my manager then pulled me off the sales floor so i could archive the month’s paperwork, and then after that the next customers (two ladies who were together) i helped out both wanted to yell at me too. *sigh* so many people today were being stupid (take our bill payment machine, for example: you want to pay by cash? feed bills in the cash slot! nothing new and different here. machine ONLY takes bills, NO CHANGE! so WHY did someone cram two quarters in the credit-card slot a few days ago? and why did someone cram a dime in it again today??) that doesn’t even consider how crazy people were being when dealing with other people.

i still haven’t heard anything yet about the job i interviewed for – my manager will apparently be back in on wednesday, so i might hear back about it then. wouldn’t news of a promotion be a nice birthday present? i think so!