#3259 – icon change

why am i still awake? oh yeah, i’ll show you in a second…

so it turns out that one of my coworkers from the store is going to be going to the same department/team as that promotion i mentioned. thanks for all the congratulations! i’m very excited about it (and yes, emily, it’s the one in laurel). i can’t wait to find out more about it… right now my coworkers are alternately sad and annoyed at us getting to leave the store channel, hahaha… one of them almost started crying today because we’d be leaving o_o;

once i’m out of the store i won’t be able to do my one-man “project mayhem” shenanigans anymore – right now when i activate an lg-vx6100 for customers, i set the same background to each phone before i hand it over to them… it’s the best background ever, a picture of two polar bears boxing (complete with boxing gloves)! i’ll try to post a picture of it here if i can.

(speaking of “fight club”, i’m missing festive… 🙁 i wonder what she’s been up to? i’ve also been wondering more about allyson and melanie/melissa – i keep watching the news to find out as much as i can, and keep wanting to drive back down to do something – anything! – to help in new orleans 🙁 🙁 )

tomorrow is the first day of classes but that doesn’t start for me until about 5:30 pm, so i’ll have most of the rest of the day free. i’ll need to get the blues brothers on dvd (since i couldn’t get it today because i was broke, haha)…

i uploaded some new icons! i’ve got an idea for an icon set or two to make to help fill up my 50 extra icon slots, but for now i just put up a few different ones…

friend bat:


project mayhem:


and my new default (which took me a while and why i’m still up now):

would you believe that’s the first default icon change for me in about 4 years? maybe i should change my username for it too…?