#3253 – open and shut case

so i went to the apple store today – i wanted my sleep since i didn’t fall asleep until late so i ended up going there around 12:30 before work…

oboe_sama: i’m pissed though, i want to work there now

oboe_sama: there’s a hot chick there

oboe_sama: bahahahahah

whammywah: bhahahah good reason to work there

whammywah: she prolly replaced you

oboe_sama: haaa

oboe_sama: *angry fists at apple*

oboe_sama: bahahaha

oboe_sama: it gives me extra reasons to hang out there though

oboe_sama: bahahahahahahahahaha

oboe_sama: if i go there and if she asks me if i have any questions i’ll say “yeah – are you single?”

oboe_sama: bahahahahahahaah

whammywah: bhahahahah

whammywah: you can ask to power her book

oboe_sama: bahahahha

whammywah: say lots of bad apple puns

oboe_sama: “your life would be better with i”

oboe_sama: then it’d be ilife

oboe_sama: bahahaha

whammywah: bhahahah

whammywah: i was waiting for you to wow me with some great pun

whammywah: so i think the wait knowing you were typing was funnier

oboe_sama: bahahahahhahahaha

oboe_sama: xserve? more like SEXerve

oboe_sama: bahahaha

oboe_sama: want to see my firewire?

oboe_sama: bahahahhahahahaha

whammywah: bhahahahahahahahaha

whammywah: YES

oboe_sama: haaaaaaa

oboe_sama: i’ve got to use that one

whammywah: bhahahah

oboe_sama: i’ll show her a quicktime

oboe_sama: haaaaa

oboe_sama: my pod ain’t mini

oboe_sama: bhaahaha

whammywah: bhahahahahahahaahahhhaha

whammywah: now you’re on a role

oboe_sama: haaa yup

oboe_sama: i had to warm up

oboe_sama: i’ll install my widget… she can be on the dashboard

oboe_sama: bahahahaha

oboe_sama: i’ll be a tiger in the bedroom

oboe_sama: bahaahhhhaahhaha

whammywah: OMG

whammywah: hhhahaha

oboe_sama: bahahahhaha

oboe_sama: i think that’s about it

whammywah: yeah that’s it

work itself was pretty lame, it was a very long day. they ended up posting for another position that i interviewed for about a week ago, so who knows what that means.

i got an invitation today for my high school reunion… it’s an “all-class” reunion, for all the classes 1940-2000 – i’m going to go, i think it’d be interesting!