#3251 – funky food rules

rule #1: don’t go into a grocery store on an empty stomach

rule #2: don’t read about diners and sandwiches before bedtime

now i am hungry for a ham sandwich and/or pancakes, but need to go to bed as well! argh! guess i’ll make a kickass sandwich to make up for it… ham, provolone, mayo, mustard, submarine oil, and lettuce, yum yum!

went to see “the brothers grimm” tonight at the theater – i actually didn’t like most of the movie, but it did have its moments. they had a trailer for a special showing of “the blues brothers” that’s going to be in certain theaters on the 29th, but unfortunately i have to work until 9:30 that night which is when the movie is scheduled to start, and it’s also at only 2 theaters in maryland. oh well… i’ll just get the dvd when it’s released on the 30th and watch that on my home theater instead.

i also had a fireball snocone today – it wasn’t as hot as i was expecting it to be (not at all, actually… kind of disappointing). also, i tried introducing to bruno_boy and mytinyworld the “is that your girlfriend” game. i should have done a twist on it when i saw this nice looking redheaded girl and asked if that was my girlfriend instead, oh well.

i bought the album “funkiest man alive” by rufus thomas today… to show how funky he is, he’s done the song “the funky chicken” (which isn’t on this album, surprisingly), as well as:

– “funkiest man alive”

– “funky hot grits”

– “funky mississippi”

– “do the funky penguin (part 1)”

– “funky robot”

– “the funky bird”

that’s 6 songs out of 18 on the album! 1/3 of the album has “funky” in the song title!

i was talking with whammywah the other day about the little league world series games that were being shown on espn… just watching it seemed like a bunch of midgets playing baseball, and that got me thinking about what it would be like if you took a team of midgets against an all-star team of major league players – the midgets would keep getting walked when they would be up at bat since the pitches would go right over their head (they wouldn’t have a strike zone!), and it’d just be a parade around the bases with them bringing in the runs.

whammywah: “i love that this is what you sit around and think about all day, bahahahaha”

i wish that it was a constant 72° outside… it was 71° after we got out of the theater tonight, and it was the best temperature.

apple store opens tomorrow! then work from 1 until close. i still haven’t heard back about my interview i did last week, but i don’t expect to hear back about it tomorrow.

…WOAH, SWEET!! i don’t have work on sunday?! how’d that happen? i just checked my schedule and that’s what it says, haha…