#3250 – rolling stone robots

one of the high points of my day was when one of my coworkers asked if i’d go to see the rolling stones when they perform in baltimore in concert, and i said “the rolling stones?? they’re still alive?? i would have thought they’d all be robots by now or something…”

that led to one of my coworkers and i both simultaneously and spontaneously dancing like robots and singing “satisfaction” in robotic voices, hahaha…

point #2 was hearing about one of the greeters saying to a customer who came in the store inquring about phones:

customer: “i have some questions about bluetooth…”

greeter: “BLUETOOTH?? i’m sorry sir, you’re in the wrong place! you need to get to a dentist!”

point #3 was the catapult i got today X3

point #4 – there is no point #4!

i watched “upright citizens’ brigade” yesterday… there’s an episode on comcast on-demand, and it’s also the one episode i’ve ever seen (i originally saw it years ago in high school), all about eating and food. i think she’s probably already heard this before, but the chick in the show sure acted and looked like meowremix3804, hahaha…