#3242 – long arm of the law

i still need to make myself a shirt that says “america’s most wanted… BY THE LADIES” – i would have thought that an introduction about me to a girl that goes something along the lines of “hey, my friend glenn here wants to bang you” would end in disaster… but it didn’t! a good sign, i guess…

work today wasn’t too bad for a sunday. no really stupid customers and the day went faster than expected.

tonight i did some scanning – when i cleaned up my room the other day i found a bunch of pictures in there, and figuring that i’d want to have copies of these in case something ever happened to them, i decided to start working on scanning them and sending them to flickr. so, now you can check out the pictures that i’ve scanned in so far here. most are from 5-6 years ago, but some are from even further back…

"MOOSE"le Shoals

“MOOSE”le Shoals