#3236 – i hate

ok, so about a month ago i ordered a dvd boxset of the animated version of the adventures of tintin from this site ok, no problem.

the box set wasn’t in stock (the site said it was “on order” once i placed the order, though the item was listed as “available”), but they charged the credit card anyway. ok, no problem, how long could it take to get it in stock?

i forgot about it until yesterday when i got an email from them saying basically “hay guys guess what we cancelled all yuor orders oh btw we took the amount yuo paed and put it in yuor accoutn as a credit”.

Dear Client,

Due to the implementation of our new payment system, your order #1735406, dating from July 23 2005,

has been automatically cancelled. A credit will be issued to

your account in the next 24 hours. You can use this credit to place a new order.

If you wish to obtain the name of the product that was canceled please take a moment

to consult your list of canceled orders which is now available through the “My Orders”

section in your account.

In closing, we are happy to announce that your orders will now be charged at the

time of shipment instead of at the time of the order. This update has been implemented

prior to many requests from our clients. We believe that this system will greatly

simplify order management and will eliminate billing issues.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

Thank you for your comprehension.

The Team

ok, fine, whatever. i tried to get back in to reorder it but the site wouldn’t let me log in, saying something how my username and password were wrong. uhh, ok. so i request my username and password to be emailed to me, and i put it in EXACTLY as it says in the email, but it still doesn’t work. uhh, right.

try again today (using the SAME username / password i used last night!) and it works fine. uhh, yeah. i look around and see that now on their site’s terms of use it says:

Using non-refundable credits

Since non-refundable credits can be used on products only, all other charges (e.g. shipping fees) will be applied to your chosen method of payment. Also, you may only use your DVDSoon credit for up to 25% of the total of the order.

Non-refundable credits are valid for 1 year after it has been issued.


No refunds will be issued by

so, that means that (for example) i paid $100 for stuff, they cancelled my order, applied the $100 to my account with them, and if i want to use that credit against a new order i’d have to buy $400 to get my original $100 credited to my order?? seriously, wtf now.

their email they sent, though, says “You can use this credit to place a new order.” ok, i’ll take that message in good faith and resubmit my order for THE SAME ITEM.

place the order (again, it says “available” on the item’s page!), and SURPRISE SURPRISE the order status page says that it’s not “in stock”, not “on hand”, but yet again “ON ORDER”.

ok, so this time i cancel the order. i want them to give me my money back (fair’s fair, right?), so i look on their site about how to get a refund…

their faq says:

23. I got a store credit for a voided item / order, but I want my money back.

More to come…

encouraging, huh? even better, their contact page has this info (verbatim, emphasis mine (wtf)):


Head Office H.O.

27A, rue de Lauzon

Boucherville, QC



Tel.: (450) 449-5DVD (5383)*

Toll Free (Canada/United States): 1-888-983-SOON (7666)*

Fax: (450) 449-7380

* The telephone numbers indicated here are for information purposes only. Please note that there are no telephone agents available to take your call


i get another email tonight from “teh preziednet”…

August 18, 2005

Dear Valued Customer,

During the past few months, we have taken a close look at DVDsoon’s platform, the

needs of our customers and the realities of the marketplace. We concluded that we

needed to improve our site, simplify the order process and more clearly define our

value proposition for you, our customers.

As a result, we have decided to focus all of our efforts on two key elements:

· Improve our order management process

· Extend our fidelity program and promotions to all our customers

As part of our commitment to always improve your experience on the site and to

increase the quality of our offering, you have probably seen in the past few days that

we have launched an important technology initiative to update our site, including the

implementation of a new order process and enhanced policies that should make

your shopping experience an enjoyment. Effective now, payments for all orders will

no longer be upon you ordering products, but rather when we are ready to deliver

your products.

In order to implement this enhanced process, we were forced to cancel all pending

orders and reset the system. To avoid penalizing our customers, we have

immediately applied a credit to your account for the outstanding value. Changes to

the system and refund to customers will be finalized by December 31st 2005.

As we have established market-leadership and a long track record of market

innovation, we have also decided to extend our ipoints program for all visiting

customers and also to reintroduce our worldwide free shipping policy. Customers

who previously purchased our fidelity card were already credited up to the level of

usage of their card.

We are working closely with our suppliers to bring products to you in a faster time

and we will continue to partner aggressively with them to drive DVDsoon to the

highest levels of customer service in the market.

We recognize the trust and loyalty that you have expressed toward us, and we are

committed to protect this relationship.

We want to emphasize that these changes in no way diminishes our commitment to

serve you better. We will continue to invest in the development of our site, as you

will discover in the upcoming weeks and months.

We value your business and sincerely appreciate your continued patronage as we

take positive steps to build an even stronger partnership with you.


E. Guiard


HA HA, NICE TRY. i’m not going to wait until the end of the year in order to get my money back!

what’s even better, i checked my bank statement online and saw the original charge of $54.92 from when i first ordered the box set about a month ago, and now they’ve charged my card AGAIN for $54.91 as of today, meaning my credit wasn’t even applied to my order.

even different places online where people talk about dvds are hopping mad with people being given the runaround.

methinks i’m going to be calling my credit card company to dispute the charges either tomorrow or saturday (give them a little time to reverse the charge from today’s attempted order), and buy it from instead.