#3235 – all sorts of drama

i’m still nervous about the interview i had the other day… i really hope i get the position, but i don’t know how well i did in the interview. usually i’ve felt pretty good about the interview but ended up not getting the job – if me feeling bad about this interview causes me to get the position, i’ll feel bad about it all day long if i have to, haha…

whammywah and i want to make a video about how he’s my conscience for buying crap – bruno_boy, would you be interested in manning the camera for a video like that? we’ve got ideas planned!

today was pretty crappy at work for most of the day – just about everybody i helped out had some sort of drama… either they were pissed because the adapter i helped them pick out yesterday didn’t work (though the packages said that it should work with his phone and laptop fine), or the insurance company was giving them incorrect info and they didn’t understand what they were supposed to do, et cetera, et cetera. i was so glad when we were finally leaving for the day.