#3232 – long lost friend

i don’t remember if i mentioned it the other day, but i ran into an old friend i hadn’t seen for about 15 years at work the other day. this girl i used to go to elementary school with for a few years – mary pelura – and i were pretty good friends around kindergarten through about 3rd grade or so. she came in my store the other day to replace her phone. when i saw her name on the account it looked familiar, even though i didn’t recognize her at all… she’s looking very good, though!

me: “this is going to seem like a weird question, but… did you go to saint mary’s?”

mary: “for high school? wow, old times!”

me: “no, elementary school…”

mary: *eyes widened* “wow, really old times!”

me: “yeah, i thought i remembered you, hahaha…”

mary: “what was your name again?”

me: “glenn fitzpatrick”

mary: *eyes widened again* “wow! i remember you!! how have you been??”

so we had an impromptu reunion there in the store. turns out she went to towson university and graduated from there and is now teaching 1st through 3rd grades at a local elementary school while working for her masters degree.

today she came back in to return her phone, figuring she paid too much for her replacement and will just wait until she gets a different one.

that’s pretty weird, though… not seeing someone for about 15 years and then twice in the same week…

it feels like a fat man is sitting on my chest – ow… that’ll teach me to have gin and juice before bedtime…