#3231 – blah blah blah

so i had my interview today. i told my manager this morning that i’d have to go to headquarters for an interview and he wanted me to try to get it rescheduled for tomorrow, but i didn’t try and just went at the time they wanted me there. if they scheduled me for the interview at such-and-such time, they would have had a reason for that time, right? they told me to go to hq and to sign in at the front desk and the lady who is hiring for the position would meet me in the lobby and take me up to her office for the interview.

after leaving work about an hour before the interview, i made a quick stop at the smoothie place in my shopping center and got a smoothie with a free shot of “intelli-bek” in it which is supposed to help you concentrate. i don’t think it did one bit of difference, though.

so i drove up to hq and called my buddy drew since he knows the lady who is doing the interview, and he met me in the lobby and he and i ran around searching for the lady doing the interview, and once we found her he took me up to her office. “so you want to work up here in romper room, huh?” drew asked me, hahaha…

all of our interviews are in the “STARs” format – situation, task, action, response. they give you the situation, and you fill in everything else with information about what you did. i’m not a big fan of that format, but it’s what they do for everything so i don’t really have much of a say in it. anyway, so the first question they ask me is “tell us about a time you made a good decision – what was it? also, tell us about a time you made a bad decision – why was it a bad decision?” i couldn’t think of anything for these two questions, and so eventually we skipped them and i don’t think they ever asked something else instead. the rest of the interview wasn’t too bad, though.

they said i should hear back in the next 2 weeks (har har, how many times have i heard that?) one way or another. they also said that the department is open from 7 am to 7 pm (so no more hanging around until 10 pm or later for customers to leave!), and i spied a memo listing other days that the department is closed because of federal holidays and such (so no more working on the 4th of july!). it’s in the next higher pay band as well, so that’s good. from what i understand, and from what they told me, people send me emails with requests for changes to their account, and i take care of it and email them back. doesn’t sound too bad.

while i was up at hq, in addition to talking with drew we also chatted with kendrick (who used to be another customer care rep in my store, who now also works with federal accounts), and i saw kim (a former manager of mine in the store, she now works with federal accounts as well) – since drew knew the lady who interviewed me, he said he’s going to talk with her and the man who interviewed me today and say how good i am. kim said she kind of knew the lady who interviewed me, so she’s going to talk with her as well.

drove back to the store, finished up the rest of my shift, blah blah blah. came home, did some cleaning but my room is still a mess. it’s not going to be done for another few days.

i found some old pictures while cleaning up – i’m kind of tempted to scan them in and post them all to flickr, but i don’t really know how much people would really want to see old pictures of me.

also, if you didn’t know, i’m not going to be at otakon. turns out someone (me) was a bit too lazy about requesting time off for the convention, and i’m not going to get a pass because – though i have off on saturday – whatever the cost to pay for a pass for the whole weekend will be incredibly steep for just one day. i may head up to baltimore and stalk cosplayers for pictures outside of the convention, but i don’t know… it depends on a) weather, b) if anybody going wants to see me at a particular time during the day, c) whether or not i have anything else to do that day.

also also, from sunday and continuing for a few days, i’m going to have the house to myself again since the family will be going to the beach. yippee……!