#3286 – misdirected mail

so i’m checking through the mail i got the past few days, and i see this one “from the desk of councilman fred collins” in berkley, michigan.

he sent me a letter asking to please donate so there can be a libertarian mayor somewhere, as he is running for the office of mayor. this make me want to LOL all over:

“Now I have an excellent opportunity to move up to mayor.

Our current mayor is retiring, so the seat will be open. He has endorsed me for the office. And I am an incumbent councilman myself. (How often has a Libertarian actually had that advantage?)

Unfortunately, as a well-known Libertarian, I will also have a disadvantage.

And not just the usual “Libertarians want to turn your daughters into crack whores” kind of attack.”

emphasis mine

PISH-POSH! i don’t know who this guy speaks for, but i’m all for crack whores! (hmm, that’s a catchy sort of chant. and it’d fit nice on a bumper sticker!)

maybe i will donate a little bit. that line in the letter was worth a donation XDD