#3285 – quentin tarantino gone bollywood!!

after sk8bette showed me “ghost world”, i found out that the opening sequence showed a movie called “gumnaam”. i found a copy of it on ebay for $11 including shipping, and have been expecting it for the past week.

i checked the postal service’s webpage every day to see where it was, and each day it said something along the lines of “we’ve been notified of the shipment, but we haven’t recieved anything yet to ship.” today, though, it said “it’s been delivered!” so i ran to the pile of mail we’ve brought in for the day and found it – not only does it have a song index to see the song and dance routines, but the dance sequence is even better than i remembered! it’s as if quentin tarantino went bollywood!!

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

(feisty_fitz: “it’s a zorro convention!”)

i’ve GOT to turn that sequence into lj icons and buy allyson a copy of this to watch, it’s fantastic!!!

eta: it’s true!