#3283 – egg mc muffins

remember when i posted on globalglenn about how i loved egg mcmuffins but never was able to go get them in time?

PROBLEM SOLVED. i need to buy one of these!

i’ve been reading a bunch of things about what to do if stopped by the po-po, or if security guards hassle you, or people want to take away your film or delete pictures from your camera and what you should do. it’s almost as if i’m planning on being all IN YOUR FACE! and REBELLIOUS!! but i’m not. at least, i don’t think i am. (then again, i do want to watch “fight club” sometime soon again, hrm…)

i still haven’t heard anything from the job i applied for and interviewed for over the phone about a week ago (you know, the one where they said “you’ll hear back one way or another in about a week”? yeah, that one). talking with my managers in the store about it today, they said and the way that i understood it would be that the district manager – keith – would be told about it, he’d contact the store manager – matt – to give his ok, and then human resources or the guy that interviewed me would contact me about the position. problem is, matt is currently in costa rica, and won’t be coming back to the store until tuesday. *sigh*

know what? i’d love to take photographs for a living.