#3282 – my happy place

for the past few days at work i’ve been helping myself through the day by thinking of things that take me to my “happy place” – the other day, for example, i was halfway through a doorway when i suddenly thought of banana splits, stopped for a second, and continued opening the door with a grin on my face while i thought about how delicious banana splits are. (i ended up having one for lunch that day… got a vanilla and strawberry sundae at potbelly, asked for a banana, and cut the banana in two and dropped it into the sundae).

other thoughts that have put me in my “happy place” recently:

– cute/hot girls that i know and wish i could see again soon (i especially thought of some i haven’t seen in years, really)

– the thrill of taking a good photograph

– being complimented on my photography

– all-you-can-eat pasta

– travel

– penguins

– days off of work

i’m sure there’s more, and some of those i’ve thought of longer than others.

funny thing, too, after thinking about being complimented on my photography, i got an email today on flickr complimenting me about some of the pictures i took recently and asking me to please post some in the future on – looking at the site it appears to be a sort of open-source news agency wiki, letting people create their own news items. on one hand it seems interesting, on the other hand it seems like letting people have that much ability to create “news” stories can lead to it not be taken seriously.

i also saw that the movie theater in the shopping center at work is showing “march of the penguins” – maybe i’ll go see that on my birthday. 😀

in unrelated news: i want to watch “fight club” sometime soon.