#3271 – meats and veggies

yum yum delish! i’ve got to try cooking some like that myself one of these days…

there’s a fruit smoothie place that opened up in my shopping center – i mentioned it the other day. it’s a really good place, i’ve been going there as often as i can to get a smoothie, and not only is it good stuff but i’ve been getting my vitamins from them as well. only problem, though, is they can get to be expensive ($4.71 incl. tax for a 24 oz smoothie!) – it’s like they said in “pulp fiction”:

Vincent: That’s a pretty fucking good milkshake. I don’t know if it’s worth five dollars but it’s pretty fucking good.

so today i called up the apple store manager and told him that while i appreciated the offer, unfortunately i wouldn’t be able to accept it. i did some figuring last night, and assuming i worked 20 hours / week at $11 / hour, that works out to approx. $880 / month BEFORE taxes. each month i owe approx. $500 + $200 = $700 for car loan payment and car insurance, plus ~$150 for assorted other loans / bills i have due each month. so, i’d barely be able to squeak by if i were lucky, and that’s assuming i take out loans for school per jschlackman‘s suggestion. so i called him and apologized and declined the offer, and he said that he understood and hoped that i’d be a regular customer (i told him that considering where i live in relation to the new store, it’d be impossible not to, haha), and that he hoped to see me on opening day (word on the street is it’s august 27th, and since i work that afternoon i can try getting there for opening, haha XD hope they’ll have lucky bags! XDD).

today we had grandmother and grandaddy and our cousin justin over at the house – justin is taking feisty_fitz up to new jersey in the morning. tonight we had hamburgers and such on the grill, and then watched through pictures that kelly took of her cruise and my pictures of new orleans.

tomorrow, stueypark and i are going to the driving range for the hell of it, hahahaha… my coworker ben might go with us, and later i need to go to his place to fix up his wireless network in exchange for bratwursts.