#3268 – so apple offered me a job

so apple called me to offer me a job, and i’d take it except for a few reasons:

– it’s only $11 / hour

– it’s only part-time (20 hours / week)

– i’m waiting on the job i did the phone interview for yesterday

$11 / hour would be fine if it were full-time, or even fine with this being part-time if they offered tuition assistance with part-time positions (they only offer it with full-time jobs). the offer they extended to me though wouldn’t work for me, unfortunately.

how odd, though, that you can only get tuition assistance with full-time positions, and when you’d be able to use it toward schooling you aren’t given any. huh. i’d like to work part-time though so i could take more classes, but i would have to take loans or some such to pay for it.

too bad they couldn’t have waited longer so i could hear back about the position i interviewed for yesterday first! oh well, haha…

i told them i’d call them back tomorrow after thinking about it, but it looks like i’m going to have to decline the position.

i hope though that i get the other job, and i don’t know whether or not it would have a pay raise. if it does, though, i’m considering starting to find an apartment of my own to move into (i’ve found a few already that look fine, but i could just barely afford them – i’d be able to afford them, but i wouldn’t be able to afford much of anything else).