#3265 – before i fall asleep

before i fall asleep: i did the phone interview for the position i didn’t remember applying for (i can best guess it to be one i applied for over a month ago, in mid-june) – i think it went very well, and the guy who’s the manager doing the interviewing seemed nice and easy to get along with.

he said that i’d definitely hear one way or the other in the next 5-10 days once human resources gets back to him. i asked him how many positions were they hiring for, and he said somewhere between 20-30 (!). i don’t think that can be right, it just seems too large, but who knows.

he also said that it would require training through august for it, and that normally it should be about 4 weeks’ worth but they might be able to drop it to 3 weeks for me because i’ve already had the initial wireless course, so just because they’re running people through that course and training seems to me that most of these people are new hires.

alright, i’m about to fall asleep now.