#3262 – job considerations

feisty_fitz is going to be featured (not just “on” the show, apparently “featured”) on the cbs “early show” tomorrow morning. watch!

funny, i have an interview for a job with a different company today, and suddenly good luck about jobs with my current company springs up!

so i had my interview, and it lasted only about 10-15 minutes, but felt longer and seemed very fast, if that makes any sense. they said that they doubted they could offer me the full time position because even the full time position needs to be rather flexible and available open to close most days because they don’t even know when apple will come out with new stuff and so need to shift the schedule around for most support when needed, and if i’m taking classes that wouldn’t work very well. they said that they wouldn’t be able to offer me anywhere near what i currently make (about $9-10, which is about $4-5 less than what i currently make) and were afraid i’d be insulted if they made me that offer, haha. they also asked me if they were to speak with my current managers what they’d say about me, what i knew about selling on comission, and what sort of skills i have that i’d be able to offer. it wasn’t high pressure since we were at a table at an espresso bar, but it was still a little intimidating. they said that they’d let me know within a week, and if i got the job i’d be training on weekends in august. they said that the only real difference benefit-wise was full-time gets health benefits while part-time doesn’t. i thought about it on the way back, and decided it really depends on whether or not tuition assistance is for part-time or not (it’s listed online for full time but not part-time) – without tuition assistance at $9 / hour for 20-30 hours / week, i could get by but just barely with bill payments, and school would be right out.

so i drove home (stopped at the grocery store to get some “hungry man” tv dinners, deodorant, and chips and dip – how manly is that?) and have been watching baseball on tv.

i remembered a job i saw online and applied for that one – my buddy drew knows the lady who’s in charge of hiring for it, so he can talk me up and say how nice i am for the position. basically federal agencies would send me email requests and i’d forward them to the right people or respond to them (in fact, he sent me a text message right now saying that all it is is answering emails, not really communicating with customers on the phone, and i’m all about that. in fact the position even says “This position is primarily responsible for representing Verizon Wireless in written format, although taking calls may be required when service level dictates.”

so i applied for that position, because while working for apple would be cool, not only would this be out of retail, but also a pay raise!

on a whim i decided to check my work email from home here too, and found an email from someone in the area operations center who deals with national strategic accounts, basically national account customers send in orders and these people process them; or as i was told, “kind of like sales in the store except we aren’t selling to the customer – they have a rep that does that part, we just order the equipment and process price plan changes, disconnects, new accounts, etc.”. sweet! i applied for one of these ages ago, but had already interviewed and didn’t get the position. but, in my work email was an email from a supervisor from that department interested in interviewing me over the phone tomorrow, so tomorrow i’ve got a phone interview for a headquarters position.

isn’t that something? think about leaving the company and some job prospects pop up!