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Date: July 6, 2005 11:46:54 PM EDT


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Date: July 6, 2005 11:40:31 PM EDT


Subject: Re: Hi Everyone!

Sisters- As much as I would NEVER want to hurt anyone,especially a loved one, but this is not about us, it’s about Mom and her wishes. I have searched my own heart and really would like to honor HER wishes, not ours. I have consulted with her two closest friends( Rosalie and Betty-Ann) and they both feel that she was VERY clear on what she wants. Mom and Dad were married for 17 years. Mom was 76 y/o when she died,so do the math, and it means Dad was a significant part of her life for about less than one-fourth of it. Bottom line guys- It’s not our decision, but hers……



Lisa, Shawn,-

Have one issue that keeps coming back to me- We really need to tell Dad about the party- Steph, you have invited the cousins, and you know that they can not be expected to lie if confronted about a “party” for Mom. If Dad finds out- not only will he be hurt, but he will feel betrayed.( by Us). That really does not feel good- whoever it might be. We need to tell Dad- that- 1. Mom is paying for the party? and did not want him? etc. I will be taking him out the following night- but I really do not want to have to be dishonest, -circumspect stuff could tarnish Mom’s send off- I still think, and I know Shawn, and Steph,you feel that he shouldn’t be there, but memorials, funerals, etc. gather people that Knew the person- a lot of the family album is Mom’s life with Dad an all of us- Are we eliminating a part of life that was also part of her- as a wife and a mother? ( maybe as painful as that can was- probably one of the more focal aspects of her life). Anyway, we need to address this issue. A.S.A.P.

XXXX0000, Leslie

PS Tried to call- but darn- you guys are never home!


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uh, why do they keep sending these things to me?

so! the plan for the trip: leave early in the morning (after i wake up and take a shower), drive from here through the tail of the dragon. end up in cleveland, tennessee for the night.

tomorrow: drive from cleveland, tennessee to hammond, louisiana and hang out with ally and melanie for the next several days

july 16: drive from hammond to memphis; see either graceland or the stax museum that day, and beale street that night.

july 17: see whatever i didn’t see the previous day in memphis, check out mammoth cave in kentucky, end up in louisville that night

july 18: tour the louisville slugger bat factory before driving home

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