#3238 – no monkey-punch harassment

“If you feel you need more than the 10 minutes the Internet permits to complete this screen, simply click Save (below) before the time limit.”

the “Internet”, huh? …

so, i’m on vacation now. hooray! my last two customers of the night came in just before we closed to talk to me about a rework i did for them… they kind of reminded me of a backwards boris and natasha (especially since she’s russian), and when she was yelling at me he said “now dahling…” and she yelled back at him, bahahaha…

whammywah may not be able to meet me here to drive up to towson for getting the mini fixed up, but we might meet up after i drive up to towson.

i realized tonight that if i’m not at comic-con, i won’t be able to harass monkey punch as usual! 🙁 🙁 🙁 someone will have to harass him for me (and if you get me his autograph you’ll be able to do something i’ve tried the past 3 years to do!).

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