#3234 – love/hate relationship

i love and i hate the tv show “globe trekker”… i love it because it follows the host of the episode as a tourist in a new city, and shows things that you wouldn’t have thought to look for if you were to travel to that place.

i hate it, because I WANT THAT JOB. :(!

had to work today from 10:00 – 6:30, at least for most of the day we were slow and didn’t have many customers. so many people called in to find out if we were open though… we wanted to tell them “WE’RE CLOSED!!”, and then if they remained on the phone line we’d follow up with “at 6 o’clock!”, haha…

came home, watched the video i downloaded of the who performing at live 8, had hamburgers on the grill, and then we took the bus and walked downtown to see the fireworks. it was odd because on the bus i sat across from kasei21 and didn’t recognize her until the bus ride was nearly over – when i recognized her i couldn’t tell whether or not it was her, so i did some deducting:

– her hair was a similar cut, even if it was lighter in color

– she had a bracelet on her wrist similar to what lauren might wear

– her wristwatch looked familiar, but i could have been guessing at that

– she had a umbc sweatshirt, and she was recently accepted to umbc

– she was wearing sketchers shoes

after the bus ride i looked at her closely after i came off the bus, and she came over and gave me a hug, ahhaahah XD we talked on the way to the naval academy, but got seperated when we saw the long line to get in since they have a security check to get on the base.

i took some pictures of the fireworks – i was glad i had bought a tripod to use for times like this, and i had recently discovered a “night mode” feature on my camera where i can now adjust the number of seconds to have the shutter open, so i experimented with that when i took the pictures. it only lasted about 20-30 minutes, though, and i thought i remembered it taking twice as long. maybe they had more delays in between fireworks, i don’t know…

walked back home, watched the latest episode of “globe trekker” and found out what to see and do in new orleans, and now i’m about halfway through uploading the 4th of july pictures; i’ll have to link to them when they’re done. for now, at least, i need something to eat…