#3233 – live8

this whole live 8 business is a noble idea and all, but you have to remember the other side of the coin – the g8 leaders aren’t the only ones who have a responsibility to the less privileged. then again, i feel that charity begins at home (in other words, we need to take care of our own less privileged people first), but that’s just me. another thing i can’t quite figure out or find a good answer to: why do people protest meetings such as the g8? and i don’t want to hear “globalization” or “we’re marching against the g8”… i want to know things like WHY are you protesting, WHAT is your goal? that’s what i’m curious about. (and i mean genuinely curious! ‘scuse me for not being the activist type :P)

i was thinking recently of the different passwords i’ve chosen at work – here’s a game for you: each of these passwords was chosen because of some relation to the month they were chosen for… can you figure out my train of thought that led me to pick each? (january, march, and april should be easy…)

july: “guarantee”

june: “iditarod”

may: “yamstew”

april: “weekend”

march: “sousa”

feburary: (forgotten)

january: “vacation”