#3229 – the word of the day is "skirts"

let’s look up the word of the day! >:D

so i had work today from 7:00 – 3:30, then came home, installed the proclip bracket for my ipod/icelink adaptor in my car (it looks very nice now!), had my interview, and then went to the baseball game.

last time i went to the game it was another friday night game that was student night with fireworks after, and we ended up having to get standing room only tickets because everything else was sold out. it took us a while to get to the stadium then as well because of construction. this time there was no construction, bought my ticket online and picked it up at the stadium so i wouldn’t get there and find they were sold out, and got to the stadium about an hour before the game. this time there was just over half of capacity in attendance. i ended up sitting next to a guy i had sat next to before, and he, another season-ticket holder on his opposite side, and i kept joking with each other during the game.

it was hard to watch the game, and not only because the orioles were losing for most of the game, but because there were so many hot girls in skirts around! even ones not in skirts! but there were a LOT in skirts. i just need to stress how many hot girls there were in skirts – a LOT. even on my way to park the car originally, the road i drove on to the parking lot had a portion that went up and over railroad tracks, and there was a girl walking up the bridge who was wearing a VERY short skirt – as she neared the crest, i had an interesting view as i drove up the bridge >:D unfortunately, after i parked my car in the lot (i was actually directed to park right next to the bridge), i didn’t see her anymore. phooey – i hoped to follow her to the baseball game… as… uh… an escort? hee hee. i think that skirts are very sexy (AS IF YOU COULDN’T TELL BY NOW).

so after the game there was fireworks. this time i didn’t have to relocate my seat, and was in the second-closest section able to sit next to the fireworks area. bought a t-shirt from a street vendor of mr boh wearing a batting helmet with a “B” on it, hehehe. on the way home there was an accident that i was seconds behind being involved in (all i saw was the car ahead of me stop and put on its hazard lights, and just beyond that car i was able to see a bumper in the left-hand shoulder and a car with its front smashed in turned perpendicular to the flow of traffic, with a few other cars on the opposite side of the road). i selected one of my preset playlists for my ipod to play and it started playing “new orleans” by the blues brothers, hehehe. 😀

arrived home, watched “long john silver” with dad and anne, and that’s how i spent my day.

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