#3225 – long road to travel

i made a post over at globalglenn (for those of you who don’t read it regularly), since i was going to say that bit here but it made more sense over there.

problem with the times it will take, though, means that it’s going to take 2 days one direction, and 3 days the other (assuming i stop in jacksonville to visit for a day, otherwise 2 days either way). since i want to not do anything on the 6th so i can rest and pack and prepare (no more packing at 3 am for a 5 am departure!), i’ll be leaving on the 7th, and arriving on the 8th.

the problem comes in with comic-con. i want to go, but i keep thinking it over and while it’d be fun and all, two thoughts come to mind: a) time, b) money. see, comic-con is what, the 13th-17th? assuming i went that entire time, it’d turn out…

july 7 – leave annapolis

july 8 – arrive in louisiana

july 9 – hang out in louisiana

july 10 – hang out in louisiana

july 11 – leave louisiana

july 12 – arrive in annapolis

july 13 – fly to san diego

july 18 – fly back to annapolis

doesn’t give me much time in louisiana! i suppose i could fly out on the 14th, giving me an extra day in louisiana, but that still seems a little short. also, if jacksonville gets thrown into the mix, that 2-3 day stretch down there turns into a 1-2 day stretch. so, i really don’t know about san diego this year… it’s looking even more and more like a “no”.

(i guess this is the point where i find out from sk8bette and venusglitz exactly how long they’d mind me staying to visit, because that could be important since they’re taking time off for my visit – i wouldn’t want to overstay my welcome! 🙂

another conundrum: i had problems with my ipod’s battery charging recently. the other day, for example, after having it on the charger overnight, plugging it into the charging cradle in the car, and then using it without a power source hooked to it, i was only able to get about 30-40 minutes of use before it said the battery was empty. (now, during this time i was skipping to different songs after each song, but a battery that should last 4-5 hours or so shouldn’t drop down to a quarter of that because of a little hard drive accessing!). the odd thing about the whole situation too is that when it said that the battery was empty and wouldn’t let me use it anymore, the battery indicator on the ipod said that it still had about a half-charge left, so i’m really confused about the whole thing.

so i filled out a form on apple’s support page and they sent me a box to send my ipod back to them. problems:

– the process of mailing the ipod to them, diagnosing the issue, and getting equipment mailed back to me takes about a week

– i’ve got exactly a week from today (thursday) until i leave, so i’d have to have it by wednesday

– there’s a holiday as well as a weekend in between now and then, cutting into possible repair time

– the box’s label requests that i mail back my ipod by july 12


– i can mail the ipod in for repair, but if i don’t have it back by my trip i’m out of luck (and i really want to make use of the new cradle / charger i’ve got installed in my car!)

– i can wait until i get back, except then i’ll have forgotten to mail it away because i am lazy (i still need to mail away my powerbook battery… i’ve been using it as a last-resort spare ^^;). there’s also the question of the box’s label requesting it to be sent back by july 12, too.

– apple dropped the price on the ipod photo, and i like the color screen idea and being able to see the album’s artwork, but i also like the layout of the buttons on my ipod – i’ve gotten used to the no-tactile-differences between the buttons – and i want to save towards a digital rebel. but if i got a new ipod, mom and i thought i could give my old one to pappap so he can use it to listen to stuff while he’s at dialysis for 3-5 hours 3x a week, so it’s not like it’d go to waste!

i was thinking of mailing my ipod in, and if i hadn’t recieved it back by wednesday i buy a new one to replace it with, and then give my newly-refurbished one to pappap for him to use. that way i give them a chance to get it to me in time, have a fallback plan (god do i hate it when customers come into the store without planning ahead), and everybody’s happy!

last night i was listening to a podcast about a guy who’s trying out being a travel agent out of his home – if starting a business wasn’t such a pain in the ass, i’d almost say that festive and i should get into that together so we’d both have a job we’d be interested in, hehe…

there’s more i want to talk about, like angie the customer care rep coming up with some zingers back at mean customers, and going to the bar tonight and hearing ben’s stepdad tell bad jokes, and how i still am trying to get my oil changed, but for now i’m going to sleep.