#3224 – one week

just over a week until i drive down to new orleans! 😀 i’m very excited about this road trip.

i need to email one-“n” jen as well about florida. hrm.

i tried to set an appointment a few days ago online to have my car’s oil changed, but i never heard anything back, so today i called the dealership’s number they have online directly to set an appointment. hit #3 for service, and a man came on the phone:

man: “hello?”

me: “yes, i’d like to schedule an appointment for an oil change for my mini?”

man: “ok, let me get you the number for mini… here it is: *reads phone number to me*”

me: *figuring it’s the number to the mini service desk* “ok, thanks”

me: *calls number, phone rings, eventually gets someone’s voicemail that doesn’t sound like a business at all*

it was very odd. i ended up just hanging up the phone when i got the voicemail. i’m figuring i’ll try taking it into the towson mini cooper dealer because 1) i need an oil change, and the local dealership isn’t making things easy, and 2) i’m still occasionally having issues with starting the mini taking a little longer than it should, and though i took it into the local dealer to have checked out i want a second opinion.

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