#3220 – sneakery

remember the “death certs what??” email from a few days ago? From:

Subject: Fwd: Thank You Shawn !!!!!

Date: June 22, 2005 10:08:25 PM EDT


Note: forwarded message attached.


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Date: June 22, 2005 9:51:53 PM EDT

To: “Mershon, Shawn H”

Subject: Thank You Shawn !!!!!

Way To Go Shawn!! A million thanks for your diligence in this matter.

Sounds like Misty (aka The Evil One) could use a bigtime “attitude adjustment”. Know any tough biker chicks?

“Mershon, Shawn H” wrote:

The death certs are FINALLY in! Barring any unforeseen problems, I’m going to fetch them in an hour and drop one off at Pamplin with our pal Misty (who seemed very frosty on the phone–what’s up her ass?)

Stephanie, I’m sure I’ll need your assistance to fill out the forms I collect. Call you tonight…

Other news: still waiting for a reply from Mark about foreclosure vs. deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Shawn Mershon

Electronic Publisher

Information Technology



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i did some investigating:

– shawn’s phone number is in the 503 area code, which is the northwest corner of oregon, including portland.

– from the sound of things, shawn and stephanie don’t very much care for someone named misty.

– shawn mentions dropping the “death certs” off at some place named “pamplin”.

– a search for pamplin and oregon turns up hit #1: KPAM radio in portland, owned by pamplin broadcasting.

– one of the people who work for the radio station is a misty osko, in charge of marketing for the station.

– “misty osko” is a rather unique name.

– a search on “misty osko” turns up hit #1, an interview from june ’00 with a misty osko about dark horse comics

– dark horse comics is also in oregon (milwaukie, oregon, to be exact – which is also rather close to portland)

– the interview is about how misty is the event coordinator for dark horse comics – from the interview:

ST: What exactly do you do for Dark Horse Comics?

MO: I coordinate all company trade shows, work on retailer promotions and give-a-ways, coordinate guest apperances and company travel.

– again, misty osko is a very unique name

– also, from the interview:

ST: Where can fans expect to see Dark Horse Comics this summer?

MO: We will be at San Diego, Wizard World and the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD, this September.

ST: I’ve heard the Dark Horse Comics crew is notorious for their practical jokes and sense of humor… what’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you since you began working at DHP?

MO: Well, the funniest thing isn’t exactly appropriate for family reading. But, catch me in San Diego and I might tell ya!

– email’s misty = KPAM’s misty osko = dark horse comics’ misty osko

∴ the “death certs what??” email’s mention of someone named misty is referencing a misty osko from the portland area of oregon, who happens to have previously (unsure about current status) held a job working for dark horse comics, and has made appearances at (among other things) san diego comic-con. so, who knows, i may have met her before in person!

in other words: i pwn the internets. XD