#3214 – unplug/replug

last night i ordered the icelink from best buy online. it plugs into the back of the car where the cd changer plug is, and has a cable that runs up to the front of the car with a dock you put the ipod in, and lets you control the ipod from the radio controls up front as if you’re using the cd changer. not only does it let you do all this, but it keeps the ipod charged at the same time. i figured that with these road trips i’d be going on next month, not only would i like to have my ipod constantly charged (it was very nice having power supplied to the ipod on the drive down to atlanta and back), but it’s nice to have the remote control abilities for safety purposes as well.

so i ordered it from best buy online, and they had a special where if you signed up for a best buy account for the first time, you get $10 off of every $100 you spend. since the icelink came up to $199.99, it only took $10 off. i poked around looking for cheap stuff so i could find something to put it over the $200 limit and get $20 off instead, and settled on the movie “this is spinal tap” for $9.99. since the offer was only valid at, i ordered on there and applied for in-store pickup on my items. once it was all set up, i got both the icelink and my movie with tax for the cost of the icelink without tax! now that’s some sneaky buying.

i took it home and worked on getting it plugged in (i had to remove the aux input i had previously installed into the head unit, since you could only have either the aux installed or the cd changer unit installed. took a while to get that unplugged since before it was much easier to just fit it in – i had to print up a diagram of what it looked like plugged in so i could reach behind and feel for where the latch was to unhook the cable. plugged the icelink into the rear input, but i could hear a slight hiss/hum that varied with electrical usage. (i had previously read online that it was usually the result of a ground loop issue, and couldn’t really find anything online saying how to fix it, and all the parts i found that i would need to hook up for a ground loop issue wouldn’t work with this setup). eventually i figured i’d live with it, until i drove to the auto parts store to try to find a mount for the cradle (the ipod sits in a special cradle, but the cradle’s mounting bracket it came with requires it to be screwed into the dashboard, and i wasn’t about to screw anything in my car… anything not female, that is! XDD *groan*). the car would do a high-pitched whine that varied with rpms, and i could easily see it giving me a headache sooner or later.

came back home without the mount (i’m going to have to order the one i want online, it seems), and poked around online some more trying to figure out the problem of the grounding. i eventually found posts saying how there was an issue with the pins for one of the plugs, and they had to be switched around somehow, but people either a) didn’t remember how to do it, and b) didn’t know where the file that told you how to do it was. eventually after searching google,, and dension’s webpage for hours, i remembered and found it on there right off the bat. went out to the car, pulled the black wire one plug, and back into the same plug just one space below where it came from. tried it out, works like a charm! now you can only barely hear a whine if there’s nothing playing and the volume is up full blast, hahah…

it’s a nice install job i’ve done so far at concealing the cable… goes from the boot of the car, under the rear seat, along and under the trim of the car up the passenger side, and under the dashboard and behind the glovebox (i’ve tied up the cabling and wedged it in there nice and tight). now once i get paid i could order the clip and have it all mounted up very nice! 😀 (i’d get it before then but wouldn’t have money for fun stuff for the rest of the week – i tried to find a store around here that carried it so i wouldn’t have to order it, but i can’t find anyplace… the company wants $9 for ground shipping! o_o i’d rather pick it up myself from somewhere near here and save some money).

so that’s what i did all day today, other than sleep in until 12:30 and clean up part of the backyard.