#3211 – late night food groups

don’t look at a picture of colonel sanders late at night if you don’t want to get hungry for kentucky fried chicken. i’m in my old high-school gym shorts and a t-shirt and was tempted to drive out to kfc for food, though they’re probably closed by now. instead, i’m settling for a bagel and cream cheese (which the cat is currently attempting to steal). is having a dvd sale – this is going to be dangerous. they didn’t have “attack of the killer tomatoes”, though, and i was disappointed. that is, i was disappointed until i did a search for the dvd, and found the movie for $7.99. they have a “special collector’s edition” for $22.46, but it doesn’t say what’s so special about it. i know which one i’m going to be buying! problem: i don’t know what else to get with it for free shipping. 😛