#3207 – $100 more

so i requested off july 6- 18.

good news: i got that time off! 😀 my coworkers are jealous i won’t be around for most of july.

bad news: right now i can’t afford a plane ticket to san diego 🙁

better news: i may be able to get one once i get paid at the end of the month (right now i can’t because of other bills and such due) depending how much tickets cost then – it’s annoying because it’s about $100 more than what i can currently spend to get the cheapest ticket i can find, but that would leave me with no money whatsoever for the rest of the month.

so, san diego may be a nix for me this year 🙁 but! even if san diego doesn’t work out, i’ll still be going to new orleans to meet up with sk8bette and may be going to florida for a day or two (or possibly more depending how tickets work out) as well.

in other (random) news: i can’t wait for when lj will let people buy more than 50 icons… i’ve got other sets i want to make! tomorrow is a baseball game that i’m going to be going to with bruno_boy and whammywah to meet people from bmoreorioles! and 80-90% of the people there are going to be girls! 😀 HAWT!! XD i need to go to cleveland. i got back to work after my vacation and realized why i went on vacation in the first place. almost felt like quitting then (need the money though), so instead i applied for another position at hq. this book looks interesting. a dalek has been kidnapped, and may be possibly be going to the g8 protests (if that’s not bahahahahahah-worthy, i don’t know what is). the cord where it enters the plug that fits into my powerbook for power has kind of broken, it’s a little disturbing. i’ve been eating wint-o-green lifesavers all day today as if they were candy – in fact, they are candy. a squirrel liquor decanter??

in more non-random and seriousish news: i want to turn globalglenn into more of what i intended for it to be – not just a travel journal, but type up posts about different places and what i recommend doing at each place, and set it all up with the memories system so people can choose a city/state/country or whatever and see pictures i’ve taken along with informative things too! (the bonus of this is once i’ve got things set up there i can creative-commons-ize it and put it on wikitravel!).

uhhhhh, that’s about it.