#3200 – another day of music

today i arrived at music midtown around 2 pm or so – i wanted to see biz markie, joan jett and the blackhearts, def leppard, and devo. biz markie wasn’t scheduled to start until around 3:40, so i just went to that stage first to see what was going on.

after getting food and sitting at the stage waiting while things were set up, the local radio announcer who was working the stage at the time said that it looked like it was going to rain for about 5 minutes and then let up, but that was just a guess. he warned us anyway that we should be ready to run for cover under a tree, though. once i finished my food it started to rain, so i took shelter under a tree and it ended up raining only about 5-10 minutes before it stopped. i was able to get right up front before the stage, so i had a prime viewing spot there.

first up was choc, who was some guy who drummed on plastic buckets. neat, but not incredibly special. his set lasted about 20 minutes at most.

next was whodini, an old-school hip-hop group from the early 80s or so. i didn’t really know many of their songs, but it wasn’t hard to follow along, and they did a decent job. i thought there were only 4 people in the group, but there were 6 or 7 people running around on stage, so i don’t know who was and who wasn’t with the group, heh.

after them was biz markie, and he did a great live show. first he did some turntable scratching and mixing, then they played some of his old records that he sang to. he said he didn’t really remember the words, so we had to fill in for him and when he sang he occasionally would just kind of scat along, hahaha… i got some great pictures and video of him (even singing to “you got what i need”), and since i was in the front row it was even better – two of the shots are of him playing right for my camera, hahaha!

i ran on over to another stage to see joan jett after biz markie, and i was able to get decently close – about where i was when i saw lou reed play the other day. she went through a few old classics (“i love rock ‘n roll”, “bad reputation”, and “crimson and clover”) as well as a few songs that would be on her new album. she also did a cover of the theme to the mary tyler moore show, which was just bizarre as a metal cover, and was probably the most bizarre cover song of the weekend, heh. overall she was very energetic and glad we liked the performance.

afterwards i was able to move up front (and eventually was crammed up front – as we were saying: “rock concerts are supposed to be about peace, love, and rock ‘n roll, but this is ridiculous!”) and had a spot about 6’ back for def leppard – i was able to get some great pictures from my spot again, and people went crazy crowdsurfing and such, hahaha… they had these cameras set up and mixed their on-screen video on the fly with other video clips for their songs and such. i called whammywah at the end when they played “pour some sugar on me”, but unfortunately he couldn’t hear it very well as it was pretty distorted over the phone. oh well.

it was pretty hot by now, especially for standing in the sun with only a few breezes to keep us cool, so i got a drink and went back to the first stage i was at to see a bit of public enemy – i only stayed for the first 15 minutes or so so that i could say that i’ve seen chuck d and flava flav, and then i ran over to a stage across the concert area for devo.

i bumped into gary on my way over and he told me how he was coming from devo to see kid rock perform, and that devo did “whip it” as one of their first songs (phooey!). i went on over and caught the rest of their set, seeing them do “freedom of choice”, “are we not men”, “beautiful world”, “jocko homo”, and “gates of steel” among others. they stopped around 8:30 though the schedule listed them as playing until 8:45, and came back out a few minutes later and did “beautiful world”, during which the lead singer dressed up in a mask and a gown similar to what gospel singers might wear and sang in a sort of falsetto voice. near the end they took a blue jello-mold like what they used to use for hats back in the day, and threw bouncy-balls out of it off the stage and into the crowd, and then tossed the mold itself into the audience. they finished around 8:45 and then i just went back to the hotel. (i kind of wish i saw more of public enemy, because while devo’s set was fun and entertaining it was a little disappointing. oh well, maybe if they perform next year i’ll be able to see them then.)

once i was back at the hotel for a little bit and was contemplating going down to the pool, gary called me and once he arrived with this girl named megan that he had met previously during the festival we three went out to cafe intermezzo – it’s this kind of trendy coffehouse / café sort of place. from what i recognized, i believe it was just a block or two down the street from ocarina and damonk13‘s old apartment in atlanta! how’s that for recognition skills! after eating and drinking there she took us back to the hotel and dropped us off.

i’ve been trying to upload my pictures / videos from today but the internet is taking forever when it works properly, so i’m just going to do these when i get back home tomorrow. who knows when we’ll be leaving, but check out is at noon, and it’s going to be another 13 hour or so trip back.