#3198 – day 1 addendums

lou reed ends here

at one point, i was in line for the bathrooms when some guy was asking a girl who was first in line why she wasn’t going in to the porta-potty. she said that someone was in there, and i guess the guy didn’t believe her or she wanted to prove a point on one of her friends, so she marched up to the door and pulled it open while the guy was standing there with his back toward us as he did his business, and she pointed at him and said “SEE??”

after lou reed i went to the stage where interpol was finishing and the white stripes would go to play at, and it was packed like woah. no way i was going to find gary, so i just hung out and chatted with people around me…

dude: woah, man, do you play the piano?

me: no, but i used to play the oboe, and i’ve been told i have piano-player’s hands – why?

dude: because you look exactly like a friend of mine who played the piano!

me: oh, really?

dude: no shit, this guy went to juliard on a full scholarship and you look just like him!

me: no shit?? good for him!

dude #2: and you’ve got cool glasses!

me: yeah, and without them i look like edward norton! *demonstrates*

dude: yeah, my friend went on up there. know what else made him cool? he had a twelve-inch dick!!

me: oh, well, you know what they say about guys who look like me…!

chick: *laughs and has me give her a high-five*

later while we were waiting for them to start some people behind us started passing up a joint and the dude took a drag on that and started coughing. conversation between us turned into discussion about travel and turned out the chick had been to amsterdam too, so she introduced herself to me (katie) and we talked off and on back and forth before and during the concert. the guy she was with put her up on his shoulders at one point and told me to slap her ass, so i did X3 she ended up leaving late in the show during the second encore to get away from the crowd and get some air, so unfortunately i wasn’t able to say goodbye to her. she was pretty funny – the dude kept shouting out “where’s the weed??” and she would whisper to me how she was embarassed from him doing that, and later on when we were all goofing off she said how they were architects (or studying to be architects) and how people like this were in charge of making buildings and such – i told her i’ll have to remember that next time i go in a building, hahaha…

white stripes begin here

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