#3188 – that's some real conversation for your ass

put in my request for july 6-18 off – my manager josh saw how many days i requested off and said “holy crap!”

last night i had a dream that was kind of dr-whoish in a way: i dreamt that there was a transmat system throughout the country in different major cities, and though it was more dangerous to transmit yourself from place to place across large distances, i wanted to transmit myself to san diego and back just so i could always have a supply of in’n’out burgers, hahaha…

earlier i was running around trying to find my updated insurance cards for my car (i wouldn’t want to go on my trip without having them) and was hoping that i didn’t throw them out by accident. i found them on my desk, but i felt like a spy when i was running around there with minimal lighting, frantically sorting through unopened letters and opened envelopes, tossing things by the handful into the trash, hah.

i was looking through pictures on flickr of apple’s wwdc in san francisco, and made me wonder how my friend matt is doing out there now working for apple, heh. i need to try to get out there and visit him sometime.

i contemplated getting a permanent lj account (of all people wouldn’t i be the one you’d expect to have one?), but while i can afford one right now i’d prefer to spend my money on having fun in atlanta this weekend and not worry about permanent account-buying cutting into fun-having. while i could have just mailed in a check within 30 days of purchase, there’s other stuff i need to spend money on first, like car scratches and tuition repayments.

holy crap, i just found a 16 minute drum solo? awesome!