#3187 – this took a few hours

stole this from well_yeah

What’s the story behind your journal name?: i used to play the oboe, and ocarina got me interested in violinist of hameln, and so i named myself after the wise obo the bird. (doesn’t that icon look familiar??)

Have you ever had a makeover?: erm, no. i have been threatened with a “ladies’ eye for the glenn guy”, and meaghan threatened me with the tv show “fashion emergency” once on neobaka, haha

Have you ever witnessed death?: nope

What’s the longest time you’ve stayed out of the country, and where?: about two weeks, either the time i went to europe this past january, or when i was in japan visiting kittenchan and vond about 2 years ago

One thing you’re grateful for, today: my family and everything i have currently that others do not

Describe your dream wedding: motorcyclists jumping through flaming hoops! or not. i’d settle for getting married before i end up an old man. 😛

What do you want to be doing when you are 60?: having my 60th birthday?

What is your first memory?: i don’t remember which one of these was first, since i was born in maryland, moved to wisconsin a few years later, and then moved back to maryland…

– living in wisconsin, asking mom and dad (who were still sleeping) if i could watch tv in the morning

– living in wisconsin, going in the basement to see dad working on a toy car “map” he was making out of fiberboard for me to play with my matchbox cars (these things were pretty cool, no matter how you arranged these two pieces of fiberboard the roads and train tracks always matched up properly!)

– living in maryland, playing macgolf at pap-pap’s house on his original macintosh (so that had to have been in 1984 or ’85, and we lived in wisconsin ~’83-’87)

My first heartbreak happened when: mumble-mumble… 🙁

How much money does it take to keep you for a year?: $10,000 + gas, but that gets you all the mini cooper rides you want!

Do you have any weird preferences, and for what?: i’m anal about paperwork at work, it has to be arranged in a certain order

What is one thing you will never understand about the opposite sex?: what is up with chick-flicks and getting all emo all the time??

What piece of technology do you want most right now?: i want to upgrade my phone to a treo 650, but since i found out about the lifedrive i can’t make up my mind. either way, though, i want a digital rebel! *_*

Name the one TV character you most want to be: hrm… the doctor from “dr who”? i’d love to travel through time and space and see what life was like ages ago, but not have to live there permanently

Favorite gemstone?: *shrug* don’t really have one

What’s your worst flaw?: i know i have flaws, but i can’t really pin-point them.

What do you plan to do this summer?: get hot, drive around, and work

What is your favorite song right now?: “hotel bronco” by thee michelle gun elephant, but if you go by the one i’ve listened to the most it’ll be “one note samba/spanish flea” by brasil ’66 & sergio mendes

What is your favorite Disney song?: i don’t really have a favorite, but “the siamese cat song” from “lady and the tramp” cracks me up

Describe your dream house: i think it’d be awesome to live in suite vollard apartment building in brasil, where each floor can revolve independently 360°! otherwise i’d want to design my home from scratch.

Your typical sleepwear: pajama pants and a t-shirt

What’s in your bag?: *empties out his laptop bag…*

1 copy of easyjet’s in-flight magazine for january

1 copy of umbc’s student newspaper, “the retriever”

1 copy of the april/may edition of “via london and beyond”, in-train magazine “stolen” from the heathrow express (i say “stolen” because it was free to take home)

1 laptop battery (drained)

1 ticket to the london eye

1 uk landing/immigration card (unfilled)

1 reciept from the umbc campus bookstore (ms windows xp pro: $14.95, ms virtual pc 7.0: $9.95)


1 certified letter from the state, basically saying “pay your taxes”

1 british airways ticket stub for BWI -> LHR, april 14, flight 228, seat 22a

1 blue-book exam from my databases course this past semester

1 credit card statement (unopened)

1 bank statement (unopened)

3 bank statements (opened)

1 car insurance quote from a different car insurance company (unopened)

midterm #2 from my economics class (79%)

1 letter from my car insurance company re: reciept of claim for vandalism to passenger side of car

firewire hard drive and cable

2 flyers for the saatchi gallery in london

1 brochure for transport for london

1 map of the london transport museum

1 booklet of three bingo cards from the palace bingo hall in london

1 copy of “sync” magazine for june/july

1 letter containing photo proofs for the fraternity composite photo

1 cd case:

– mac os x 10.3 install cds

– airport express/airtunes install cd

– powerbook g4 software restore cd

– applecare protection cd w/ techtool deluxe

– microsoft office 2004

– halo

– quake 3 / team arena

– final cut express

– call of duty

– ilife ’05

– medal of honor

– myth ii

4 unmarked dvds, at least two have something burned on them

1 cd copy of “guero” by beck

1 cd copy of “stand up” by dave matthews band

1 packet of travel pepto-bismol

1 packet of tylenol

1 ipod polishing kit

5 swedish kronor



no laptop!

How much money do you have in your wallet right now?: no cash, just credit cards… i need to hit up the atm…

What are you most proud of in your life?: everything i’ve accomplished so far – travelling to several different countries, buying my own car myself, stuff like that – and still being so young

Tell us about any of your birthdays: for my 13th birthday, if i remember correctly i coincidentally had 13 friends of mine come with me to see “apollo 13” at the uptown theater in dc

What do you most enjoy about looking at other people?: sometimes i like to sit and people-watch and try to guess what they’re like and what they’re doing and where they’re going

What are the first five things you would splurge on if you were a billionaire?:

1. i’ve already promised to buy all my friends ipods, aren’t you lucky?

2. a learjet with crew and travel like woah

3. start a scholarship for oboe players at my old high school

4. buy a baseball team 😀

5. create my own magazine (just like oprah :P) and just have it be about stuff i like, and put my picture on every cover (just like oprah :P)

What is the weirdest/funniest nickname anyone has ever called you?: “fitz doggy-dogg”, by my old health teacher in high school

What is your favorite pair of shoes?: i’ve got a pair of boots i wear almost daily, other than that it’s either a pair of sneaker/outdoor-boot-ish shoes, or my mephisto dress shoes

Would you rather be a Hobbit, an Elf or a Dwarf?: neither 😛

Write a line from any song:

He was the Playboy Type

(he smoked a pipe)

His fav’rite phrase was “OUTA-SITE!”

He had an Irish Setter


It was a singles bar, a Tuesday night

The moon was dim, the band was tight

They did the bump together – “honey, don’t you want a man like me”, frank zappa

Have you ever…

Fallen for your best friend?: girls? yeah, kinda

Made out with JUST a friend?: yeah

Been rejected?: yeah

Been in love?: yeah

Been in lust?: daily

Used someone?: can’t say i have

Been used?: possibly

Cheated on someone?: nope

Been cheated on?: not really

Done something you regret?: who hasn’t? not lately though

Do you…

Color your hair?: nope

Have tattoos?: nope

Have piercings?: none

Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both?: not right now

What facial feature do you find the most attractive on others?: eyes, they can show so much about a person

Would you marry for money?: i couldn’t say if i would, but i hope i wouldn’t have to

Have you had braces?: yep

When was the last time you had a hickey?: i know i’ve given ’em, but don’t remember getting one

Could you live without a computer?: WHAT??

What is your favorite place to visit?: i don’t really think i’ve got a favorite place, hrm…

What is the last movie you saw?: “the incredibles”

Do you kiss on the first date?: depends if the girl decides to kiss me; i’m not really the kind who makes the first move ^_^;

Do you drink alcohol?: of course!

Did you like or do you like high school?: it wasn’t bad for an all-guy’s school, and some parts of school were hilarious

Who do you want to kiss?: teh laydeez!

Do you think you can draw well?: i had a webcomic, and had more guest comics than ones i’ve drawn, so that’d be a “no”

Do you write poetry?: not really, other than haikus

Which hurts the most, physical or emotional pain?: i don’t like either, and it would depend where the pain was applied and what kind of emotional pain it was

Are you a sex addict?: since i’ve never had it, i can’t be addicted to it can i?

How long is your hair?: short – not much more than an inch in length

Do looks matter?: i’d be lying if i said they didn’t

Do you trust others easily?: yeah

What do you look for in a guy/girl?: someone who i can always feel comfortable with

What is your nickname?: i’ve got several: “fitz” and “glennuine draft” seem to be the most popular

What are you worried about right now?: getting things prepared for my road trip in just over a day

Do you think you are strong?: physically? not really…

What would you change about yourself?: i’d like to be more assertive

Who’s your favorite rock icon?: either pete townshend or frank zappa. more likely frank than pete, though.