#3180 – it wasn't me

i thought we would have training this afternoon, but apparently it was cancelled… i was told via a voicemail that i didn’t hear since i turned my phone off last night, so i drove to laurel and back when i found out there that it was postponed. at least it was good motoring!

my manager sent out an email to some people at customer service since they dropped the ball on reworking this lady’s account yesterday, and since he used my terminal to send the email since that’s where he was when he was assisting her, customer service is now sending me nastygrams saying that i shouldn’t have sent the customer their email addresses. look, buddys, it wasn’t me who sent it, got it?

i can’t wait for this work day to be over with, it’s taking forever and i don’t want to be at work… i was spoiled with that motoring trip i got to do today on company time. but yeah, can’t wait to get off of work tonight especially since the next two days are my days off!

there was bad traffic on the way home for lunch, and there’s a firetruck and now an ambulance and a police car or two at the church a little ways up the road. o_o