#3179 – john glenn david

i forgot my nametag for work today, so i used another customer care rep’s… i used john’s, because i think i look like a more convincing john than a kendrick. good thing i didn’t use kendrick’s badge either, because some lady came in this morning saying he messed up her bill when he didn’t do anything of the sort. besides, i was really named after john glenn, so it kind of works i guess…

after work i got gas for my car (would you believe at one point on the way to the gas station it said 0 miles to go on my tank of gas?), and got a haircut.

played more of my baseball game for the ps2, watched the baseball game on tv, and then played more baseball on the ps2… *yawn*

other than that, nothing special happened today. tomorrow i go to laurel for training at our store there, and then back to annapolis to finish my schedule.

i need to shave.