#3173 – memorial day muthafackos (mock-anger, really, but i'm still annoyed)

wtf people, go to barbecues and stop buying cell phones. really! the store has been crazy busy and everything the sales reps do filters down to us customer care reps for processing, so we haven’t had any breathing time at all. it is sunny and 66° F out there – seriously people, go home!

came home from lunch, mom said that she told me i was supposed to clean out the dishwasher, and when she asked me this morning i gave some lame excuse about trying to put dishes in last night… i must have been talking in my sleep, we figure. that’s still no excuse – i came home for lunch, not lectures 😛

it’s a nice day outside, there’s a baseball game on tv i could be watching, but NO i need to be at work on memorial day weekend, and closing the store until 9:30. i bet customers will stay around forever tonight too… LAME.

and to add (tmi) injury to insult, i’m having to have apple juice with lunch (see #3171). i hate today from the bottom of my bowels.

at least monday is reduced hours… store’s only open until 6 (i was scheduled 11 – 7:30, but that’s been changed now from 10:00 – 6:30).