#3171 – SHOCK! HORROR!



the only coke we have is diet, or european, and i don’t want either because they taste odd. ;-; all we’ve got to drink are:

  • milk
  • apple juice
  • v8
  • beer
  • pimm’s (which is really supposed to be added to drinks)
  • fixings for lemonade
  • fixings for iced tea

    i just woke up from my nap and need a pick-me-up. i don’t want milk or apple juice since (probably tmi) they didn’t agree with me after the past few times i had milk with dinner, and apple juice never agrees with me (though i do enjoy it, but don’t want it to not agree with me right now). v8, too salty. beer, too bitter. pimm’s, need to add to something (like sprite, which we don’t have either). lemonade, too sour. iced tea, had too much of that lately and am sick of it.

    we don’t even have TANG! and it’s the drink of astronauts!!

    it’s all my fault, really… mom went shopping and asked if we needed anything. i thought it was common knowledge that we didn’t have any coke, or that dad would have put it down on the grocery list already, so i said “bagels”. unfortunately not, though. i could run to the store and get some, but the baseball game is on tv and i’d miss out (and i’ve got practically no money except for my spare change… i got $5 worth of gas to hold me over until payday, and that only got me something like 2 gallons of gas!)

    i guess i’ll have either *shudder* ice water, or maybe what i’ll do is make lemonade and add pimm’s to that. if i need to have a drink i don’t really want it might as well be alcoholic!