#3167 – i feel like emo tonight

i feel like emo tonight… i’m not kidding, either – for the first time in months, i actually logged back into myspace! 😛 don’t know why, either… i didn’t really do much other than just look around. i dunno… i’m just in an emo mood tonight. hahashaddup. i’m allowed to be in one, once in a while: i ended up most of the time i was out today having to hear all these people walk around town gushing about their kids were getting ready to be out of the naval academy and basically sat around wishing that i were in completely different situations than what i’m in right now – i’d like to be all graduated, out of the house, different job, not single, et cetera, et cetera… i tried to take my mind off things by practicing photography (one of the things i feel i’m actually pretty good at – i really need to take a class one of these days…).


– i don’t see myself getting out of school anytime soon… work paying for school is a double-edged sword: i get money to take classes, but don’t have the time or ability to take more than a few at a time, prolonging things like crazy

– house: nope, don’t see myself getting out of here anytime soon either… need more cash to get that in order… right now i have too many monthly costs (well, not really “too many” since it’s only 2 or 3, but it totals a big chunk of change in the end) to make it feasible right now. i also want a motorscooter and a cat i can put on a leash and take for walks. i don’t know why, but i thought of each of those today.

– i’m starting to think i’m never going to advance in my position at work and get out of retail… i’ve applied and interviewed for operations manager, inventory control specialist (x2), federal accounts support rep, operations support rep. that’s what, 5 interviews? i’m a good worker (all the managers consider me to be their go-to guy for when they need stuff done), i’ve been with the company for over a year and a half now (almost 3-4 years in total if you count when i was a greeter), and i’m sick of the retail store channel, sick of management crap, and sick of stupid customers. (ben called me today because he had to talk to someone who wasn’t a customer since all he got were old people today, since “all the people in annapolis are old”… i half-joked since wednesdays are senior-discount days and we get more old people in then that every day was a wednesday, heh…). it’s nice having a schedule that lets my days off kind of float around, but i’m really annoyed at not only working this weekend, but working over a holiday weekend, and having to be in the store at 7 am.

– i want to hang out with some chix, unfortunately nobody is single anymore, and their significant others wouldn’t like me putting moves on them i bet. well, phooey. i want to say too that i don’t really need a chix at the moment, it’d make things a little easier where everything else is concerned.

so today i slept until around 12 – 1 pm, did a load or two of laundry, took a shower, and went for a walk in downtown annapolis since it was such a nice day out. ended up walking around and ended up at city dock where i just sat and people-watched and took pictures for 2-3 hours, and came back home around 6. some of the pictures were pretty good, though! notable pictures of the day are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, with groups of pictures A and B.

watched the baseball game at 7, had dinner, farted around the internet for the rest of the night. yep, tonight was a lame night.

my bank account went over by $4, so the bank is charging me $32 and says to put money back in asap. ain’t that some shit? if i had the money to put back in it wouldn’t have gone over $4! right now i’ve got $6 in bills, $18-something in change, and < 20 miles left to go on my current tank of gas. i've got until next tuesday to go before i get paid. so, if i wanted to go somewhere, i can't until then... unless i either take another car we have (HAHAHAHnope) or take my change in to the bank to convert into bills for gas money (where they'll confiscate it for the shortage in my bank account). looks like i'll have to use the $6 i have to get gas in the car to last me until tuesday... it's only 5 days i'll have to try to get by... tomorrow is the graduation for the midshipmen at the naval academy - it's at the stadium across the street, and the president is coming to give the commencement speech... me: i have to be at work at 7 am

me: and they open the gates for the people to go into the stadium at 6 am

whammywah: lol

whammywah: let me check my “your fucked” meter

me: bahahah

whammywah: oh dude, you don’t want to know what it says

whammywah: ha

me: some helicopter just went overhead

me: hahahaahahah

whammywah: ha

me: oh, here goes two more

me: lol

whammywah: whenever the president comes he comes with like 6 helicopters

whammywah: so you don’t know which one he’s in

me: they probably are listening in right now

me: bahahhahaha

whammywah: bhaha

i should probably get to bed right now, but i’m waiting for this latest batch of pictures to upload to flickr… i did some experimentation tonight with water, macro zooms, lighting, and flash. ok, now it’s done… check it out… i like how some of the pics look.