#3161 – to nyc and back

i had to work on friday, and didn’t get out of work until about 10:00… feisty_fitz was going to be shipping out on saturday on a working cruise her school does in the summer, where they learn how to do some of the on-board boat stuff on an actual cruise, so after work i came home and got all my stuff together and got ready to drive up to new york city to see her cruise depart.

i left the house around 10:30, got gas in the car, $20 at the atm, and a quarter-pounder with cheese meal to eat on the drive on the way up. set my ipod to play random songs out of my top 500 favorites.

i made pretty good time – once i had finally left the annapolis area it was almost 11 pm, and i met up at the hotel that the rest of the family was at in newark, new jersey around 2:30 in the morning. kelly’s boat was scheduled to leave around 10 or 10:30, and from around 7 am until then they were going to be letting the families on the boat to have a look around.

around 5:30 in the morning kelly called us because there were technical difficulties with the boiler on the boat so it wasn’t going to be leaving until the next day, so around 8 or 9 am we left the hotel and then drove up to her school… new york driving is crazy, and we weren’t even really in the city! we were only on the cross-bronx expressway and even then for 9 am on a saturday it was nuts. there was even an accident right in front of my parents’ van – i didn’t see it happen since i was following them, but i saw the cars pull off to the side of the road.

we met up with kelly and got to see part of the boat, and while we waited for her to get off of duty we wandered around her campus. eventually around 11:45 kelly and her boyfriend cole got off of duty for lunch so we all went to mcdonald’s to eat.

afterwards we again wandered the campus while they went back on duty. we had to go back and forth to cvs several times to get stuff that kelly needed, and eventually we got fed up with cvs. once kelly and cole got off of work on the ship around 3:30 or so we tried to figure out what to to. i got in touch with distante and she gave us some suggestions, and eventually she called me to tell us how to get to bay terrace and different shops they have there.

we were driving down the street at one point when she called me to find out where we were, and she asked me what i saw… “uh… a bus… and a high-rise apartment building…” i said, thinking it would be funny if she was on the bus. wouldn’t you know, she got off of the bus and i saw her walking down the street talking to me on the phone, so i waved as we went by and we pulled off to the side of the road so she could jump in and direct us, hahahaha!

we wandered around the shopping complex (tina’s right, there’s not much else to do in the area!), and unfortunately she couldn’t stay with us longer. ;-; it was nice to see her again, though!

we ended up going to outback steakhouse for dinner, and then wandered around barnes & noble so kelly and cole could buy books to read on their trip, and then after taking them back to the campus we started home.

eventually while going through new jersey and nearing delaware i had to stop for gas, so i stopped – dad was following me instead down the turnpike, so he stopped with me. when i got up in the line to get gas (i’ve got no idea why new jersey won’t allow self-serve gas stations), i told the attendant that i wanted $20 of their ultra gas in the mini… “will it hold $20 of gas??” he asked, and he followed that with “but i’m sure it’s really fast, for being such a small car!” i told him it had a supercharger under the hood, and he replied “no shit?!” – when he finished he wanted to see what it could do so i revved the engine and sped away from the station… i have no doubt that my mini is now the stuff of legends at the clara barton rest area off of the new jersey turnpike.

i started to fall asleep on the way back home… i barely remember the last 20 or so miles, it was that bad… i started weaving around in traffic and such, and no matter how cold i set the temperature in the car or how loud i set the music, it didn’t really help. we were so close to home too there wasn’t much else to do but press on. we got home in one piece though, and i promptly slept from 1:30 am to around 2 pm here, woken up only because of some event going on at the football stadium across the street involving loudspeakers and annoying announcers.

here’s all the pictures from the weekend – check them out and see what you think!