#3155 – sadness

on a sad note (i didn’t want to put it together with the previous post and detract from the gravity of the situation), my old manager larry gensler, his son who had recently turned 3 years old was killed on sunday… there was an article in the paper yesterday (i just found out about it late this afternoon at work) – apparently they were going to have a birthday party for him, and a close family friend came over in his car. larry himself was in the hospital with a soccer injury at the time. larry’s wife asked their friend if he could please move his car out of the driveway, and as he backed the car up the kid darted in back of the car and was struck and died later that day 🙁 everybody is really broken up about it, especially their friend since he’s so close to the family… larry hasn’t been with the company since about a year ago, but one of the sales reps has still remained in close contact and i believe that larry’s son was her godson.

i’m not one to really ask for something like this, but could you please keep those involved in your thoughts?