#3147 – playtesting

today i:

– was complimented 4 times for my “i’m a rocker, i rock out” shirt

– got a letter from the state (registered mail!) that said “hay u didn’t pay us all of your taxes!1!1!!”, never mind that i had recieved a similar letter after paying what i could at the time when i submitted my taxes, replied with the form that came with that first letter to set up a payment plan, and then recieved a second letter with the details of my payment plan. this is letter #3 when it sounds like it should have been letter #1 instead. 😛

– posted a lot more pictures on flickr… i’ve been updating it with pictures taken years ago – right now i’ve been working on 2002 and today i’ve got it updated through august ’02…

– did some experimenting with my camera, tripod, and non-flash shots… i was added as a contact to another flickr user’s list of people and he sent me a message giving me kudos for the pictures i took, even before i had finished uploading them!

– took my car into an automatic car-wash; these things are rips… it cleaned my car, but it didn’t clean my car… i’ll still have to give it a go-over with a sponge and mr clean…

– probably of interest to jibakushounen and any other ddr fans: today i hung out with zenmetsu, stueypark, bruno_boy, spelchec, mytinyworld, and _dream_believer: we and about 20-30 other people got to see a working prototype of our friend eric ruth’s (aka dj potatoe) ddr-esque game “neon fm”, complete with a concert by thomas howard lichtenstein – it’s pretty fun and pretty amazing what they did, the hard part is getting used to the new layout of foot-pads… pictures of this to come tomorrow.

time for bed now, i should have gone to bed hours ago. work tomorrow 12:00 – 9:30. also have a meme i’ve been requested to do by well_yeah – need to count up my dvds first, hehe…