#3146 – recover gracefully

HELL YEAH! that little bit of 45 minutes of sleep i got last night turned out to be worth it – i had a presentation to do in my databases class today (we had to pick a business situation and construct databases for the business… i was basically working on a recreation of the billing system we use at work). there’s only 10 people in the class, 3 groups of 3 people each and me by myself. when i got up to give my presentation the professor told the class how i was working on everything all by myself and to pay special close attention.

my presentation went very well, except for one part where my powerpoint presentation i made didn’t show some of the pictures i embedded – for some reason they required quicktime to display? who knows why. in any case, the professor asked the class if they had any suggestions, and i came up with the easy fix – the pictures were of tables in the sql database i designed, so instead what i did was log into the sql database site and pulled up the database tables from there… crisis averted!

at the end when i asked if there were any questions, one guy in the class had a few questions, and another guy said i ought to be commended for the work i put into it – that made me feel good 😀

on the way home the temperature was perfect so i rolled down the windows and motored back with the radio playing no commercials and only great songs by blue oyster cult, eric clapton, and ac/dc. i also got two issues of rolling stone in the mail (for buying my music midtown tickets through this one site), i’ve got a glass of pimm’s and sprite, and the o’s game is on in a minute! so far it’s been a great day (except for work, the customers i had just went downhill – from the exact words of “wow, cool beans! you’ve really been a super-duper help!” with my first customer to “i can’t stand this shit, i’m going to cancel my service!” from my last).