#3142 – shit shit shit shit

i sent an email to my advisor about getting permission to register for classes (i’ve been eligible for registering for the past 2 weeks, but i had to get his approval in the system first):

From: Tate Redding

Subject: RE: Fall advising

Date: May 9, 2005 12:31:14 PM EDT

To: Glenn Fitzpatrick


I gave you general advising clearance. You did IS 450 and changed it

to P/F but are required to have a letter grade. After the 451 grade comes in

this Spring you can send me an appeal to allow you to use the 450 “P” grade

in place of the required letter grade.

Also you need to work on your Accounting sequence, programming

classes, upper level electives, Math 215 and Stat351, Engl 393 as well as

your remaining IS required core courses. I’ll do 425 and 420 permissions.


great, just great – IS 451 is the class right now that i’m having most difficulty with and doubt i’m going to do well in thanks to my own stupidity. shit shit shit… only a few more weeks, and then i’m going to have to do some of it a second time i bet.

is it too late to start this semester over again?

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