#3141 – valid reason

so i’ve been doing my laundry over the past few days, and i’ve got everything all sorted in piles in my room – i’ve been sleeping on the couch upstairs in the meantime because i’ve got stuff all over the bed and on the floor. apparently one of the cats has peed on my pile of boxers on the floor. -_-;; if that’s not a valid reason for having to go buy new ones, i don’t know what is.

teh laydeez ought to submit suggestions if they want to know in the future what i’m wearing 😛

at work today (8 am – 7 pm, what the fuck kind of schedule is that? still, i was scheduled only until 6:30 and the store closed at 6, but merchandising changes took longer so the manager let me go home since everybody else got there for their shifts after i did) i was picking up a box one-handed and somehow dropped it and fractured a cuticle. that sounds more manly than saying “guess what? i broke a nail!”

i’ve been reading for most of the night, after watching amélie – good movie! i wanted to tell somethinguseful i was watching it, but she wasn’t online. oh well.

tomorrow’s agenda: picnic and/or pap-pap visit!