#3138 – you guys are probably sick of hearing stuff about baseball

hmm, fascinating… i’ll have to remember that next time i go on a road trip out west (ha, i say that like i’ve gone on a road trip out west before).

today i helped out a real hippy, bahaha… this was some guy who was one of those aging hippies, had some dirty oversized hippy-shirt on and beads and whatnot on, and he started complaining to me about how “man, the guy who was helping me out earlier, man, he said he would transfer my phonebook over to this phone, but he didn’t, man…” – i told him that the technicans in the back could but they would charge him $10 (which they would have), and when he heard that he complained in his hippy-way for a few more minutes until he decided to just write down his numbers instead. he probably would have tried to barter a phone book swap in exchange for some brown rice or something (what do hippies use for currency nowadays? are they now all about electronic commerce? would that make them e-hip instead of hip-e?).

didn’t get out of the store until about 10:30, when we closed at 9 pm 😛 the deposit took forever to get done right.

i still haven’t heard anything about that position i applied for. i hope i got it and they just haven’t finished the interviewing bits yet (tuesday/thursday was the earliest i would have heard anything, if i was lucky). i’m starting to get anxious. i don’t mind working in the store that much (customers that froth at the mouth aside), but one thing that’s annoying me about the store now is some of the management bits – compliance comes in and says “no, you’ve got to do it this particular way”, and it’s something that’s incredibly difficult to perform while doing regular store business. that, and one or two of the managers in the store are getting on my nerves with how they handle store operations – josh is really one of the best managers in the store right now, and troy isn’t that bad either (at least so far, it’s been several months since i worked with him as a manager before). ramon and matt, while they’re both decent, don’t really have a good plan of how they want things structured, in my opnion.

er, i had planned to type something a bit more insightful (really!) but i can’t think of anything else to say. i’ll leave you with a few notes i took about a weird dream i had a few nights ago that i can now barely remember:

linwood driving old o’s car

jen wanting me to come visit

gas prices txt msg at church w/ fr flynn

murder on tv

red sox boxing

the end!