#3124 – not quite right

last night i dreamt that i went to this bar/restaurant with bruno_boy, stueypark, zenmetsu, and some other people that i don’t exactly remember – i wanted to order an appletini, but you could only order it if you were in the club, and to get in the club you had to eat an entire steak. shouldn’t have been a problem because i remembered eating an entire steak there before, but they still wouldn’t give it to me until i paid them a ton of money. 😛

later in a museum’s gift shop i found an awesome collector’s edition of monopoly that came in a tin box and had little hardback books about each of the tube stations for the london underground. i was going to buy it but it was marked as being 145 (£ or $ it didn’t say, but either way i didn’t have the money).

i woke up and was pissed that not only have i never seen such a thing (it would have been so cool!), but also remembered that monopoly is based off of streets in atlantic city, not london underground tube stations.

hm… so i overdraw my bank accound (stupid taxes), and what happens? i get a letter in the mail from the bank saying that my daily purchase limit has been extended now to $2000, and my atm limit is now $500. that… doesn’t seem right somehow. hahahaha…

now to go to o’brien’s for some drinky-drinky on my coworker-pal ben’s tab!

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