#3114 – surprise and alarm

at work today i happened to glance at the board for employee of the month, and discovered that i’d been awarded employee of the month for march! it doesn’t mean anything other than getting my name put up on the sign in the store, but it’s still nice i guess. they spelled my name “glen fitzpatrick”, though, so i sent an email to the managers and deliberately left the last letter off of each of their names and asked if we could please order a new nameplate for me.

i went to school tonight and we learned how to program in SQL. yay? seems ok so far. we also got back our exams we took last week – i thought i was going to do terribly on mine what with all of the no-studying and rushing i was doing at the time with other things (such as a trip to england and a paper to turn in), i didn’t want to know how i did. the professor though said that “generally” we did better on this one than on the previous one, and turned out i got an 80.5%! i don’t know how i did that… i think the previous exam i had a 78% on, if i remember right. hrm. i’m happy with it though.

after class then bruno_boy and i went back to my house and watched “wattstax” and then sorted through some of the records i got from gaiadea and geminid‘s dad – we’ve got pretty good ideas now of which ones we want to talk about for radiokrud.

on the way back from taking bruno_boy back to campus, i was driving down the road when this red pickup truck zooms by out of nowhere with these two half-naked redneck guys half-hanging-out of the windows – the driver made some sort of gesture towards my car as they sped by. i was worried at first that they did something to my car because of the way the gesture looked from my point of view, so i maneuvered the passenger-side mirror via the controls so i could survey the side of my car as i drove down the highway. checked when i got home too and didn’t see anything. that scratch on the side has made me paranoid, i guess. it really spooked me when they did what they did… screw you, redneck-guys in your pick-em-up truck. i hope you crash and burn and die.

i forgot to submit my pictures to the amateur photographer competition by the 8th, and they’ve posted the winners… *sigh* oh well. some of my best ones are much better, in my not so humble opinion! maybe i’ll invent a contest of my own and give the award to me. 😛

i also forgot to rsvp by yesterday for the recognition event that my zone from work is having at a baysox game in a few weeks. oh well. i’m scheduled to work that day but if i had signed up then i would have had to switch my schedule around to fix it. maybe i’ll see about going to an o’s game with dad sometime instead, that’d be more fun.

i applied for a new position at work (yes, yet again) – this time it’s again more of what i currently do but with federal accounts… this time, though, what happens is that federal accounts have a dedicated rep who sells to the account/department/whoever, and i applied to be on the team that supports these reps by actually doing the phone activations and plan changes and such. so it’s like the rep takes care of the interaction bits of the sale, and i’ll be taking care of the bits behind the scenes. it’s in the same pay band as my current position, so it ought to be a small raise for a lateral transfer, and there are 6 positions open so i’m feeling more confident about this one. it also said again “may be required to work some holidays and weekends” (which i’m cool with since i do that now, and besides it says “may” and “some”, not “will” and “all”), and it also said that you had to be available to work 12 noon – 9 pm (which is also cool with me, then i get to sleep in!).

i found out today that public enemy (chuck d and flava flav!) are going to be at music midtown – yeahhhh boyeeeeee!!!

i’ve got a $50 gift certificate to outback steakhouse around here somewhere… i ought to spend it sometime. first person from england to come here to visit gets dinner on me, perhaps? they’ve got that mad cow disease over there, don’t you know.

ooh, i just realized too, now that it’s spring the drive-in theater is now opening – i should take the ladies there in my mini…