#3113 – genius part two

ooh, another reason why my setting everything to run through gmail now is a genius idea!

before, when i would get my email, my computer would download the email and then when i would want to access my email remotely through my pda it wouldn’t show anything that had been already downloaded to my computer (since by this point it was removed from the server). so, since my computer is often left running with the email program open, i’d want to check for a particular email to see if i recieved it yet or not but was unable to since my computer had already removed it from the server

now that everything is filtered through gmail, instead of using an email program to access my email through my pda, i use the web browser! if my computer has downloaded it already, the inbox in gmail is empty, but i can still read the email that i’ve recieved by clicking on “all mail” to see the archived versions!