#3109 – bad mix

disco boy,

that’s the way it goes,

so wipe your nose,

‘n try it again

sometimes i really hate search engines for making things easy to find, but at least this time it’s not because it showed me anything i didn’t already know. i dunno… i’m just in a weird mood, i don’t know. knowledge is power, and power corrupts, i guess. blahhh…

other times i love search engines – i had totally forgot about this frank zappa site, all sorts of info is here!

festive and i are contemplating finding an apartment or something sometime so i can get out of the house and she can get back up to this area and not have to live with parents either. i ought to poke around and see what i can find (i did more of a rub than a poke earlier). it’d do me good to get out of the house, but it’d be bad in that i wouldn’t be able to save up money as easily for future plans as i’d have to pay rent and such instead. hrm… it would be neat, though! i think she said she wants someplace around laurel, so i’ll see what i can find. how much would the max rent be that you’d want to pay, so i can figure that when i’m searching these?

speaking of money, i took chance the mini in to the appraisal shop to have them take a look at the scratch that was keyed into the side, and they said that the cost would be $526, and that i have a $500 deductable. whoopee? i think they said something how the door itself is only $200 for the whole assembly, but i don’t know if that’s right or not. they did say that the doors were really cheap though. hrm. at least today was a good day for motoring – saw one mini going up i-97, a second mini before turning into the collision center, a third mini on the baltimore beltway, and a fourth mini when bruno_boy and i went to get donuts in the evening. i waved to all of them except the last since it surprised me (i was making a right-hand turn out of the parking lot of krispy kreme, when a car roared by, colored just like mine – don’t know about the bonnet, though, as it had passed me before i noticed it.), but i pointed at the last one in astonishment, though. two of the first three people waved at me, though!

i’m in a mood to go on a day’s car-trip on my next full day off… anybody within a day and a half’s drive from the baltimore/washington area (pretty much would be able to go anywhere in the linked map, maybe someplace if it’s just off the edge) who’d want me to visit? i was thinking recently how i don’t know anybody now really at rmwc to go on a springtime visit to, heh. bonus points if you’re a) cute, b) have a place for me to stay the night if it’s far off. it’s almost like the olympic committee picking a new site! hah…

how about them o’s? still #1 in their division!

i tried to post last night but my internet crapped out on me, and the post somehow went through this afternoon. whoops. i need to get to bed anyways, as i ought to work on laundry in the morning before work. (the dryer had been broken since about a week ago, and is now fixed!)